The busyness of life and the constant pressure to perform along with poor diets are some of the
key triggers to creating stress in most peoples lives.

What if we had other choices available to us?

What if we actually had the to power to change things before they became stessful for us?

When we are experiencing a stressful patch, this is the last thing we think about isn't it.  Most
people leave it until they are falling apart or their bodies are screaming at them before they
change what they are doing.

Stress, pain, anxiety, fear and all other feelings and emotions are just distractors and can be
disapated with ease.  You think I must be joking right? Not at all.

These things generally don't just happen.  We often receive little signs before things springboard out of control and we need therapy to help us manage them.

These triggers are the things you need to start to become aware of if you wish to live a more balanced and care free life.  At this point if you start asking questions like:

What else is possible?
How can I change this?
Who can I talk to about this?
How much better than this does it get?

With the questions, sometimes you just have to ask them. You don't have to come up with an answer.  The answers will come in the minutes, hours and days that follow.  Just knowing that you have other options is often a great relief.

The choices you make in that 10 seconds could determine whether you experience easy, joy and
glory in your life or more pain, suffering and unnecessary stress.

When you are in a relaxed state find 5 things that you absolutely love doing.  Things that can
distract you from life.  I love going to the beach with my family, riding my mountain bike, 4wdriving, gardening and action/thriller movies.

So when I sense the triggers that can send me into a stressed state, I ask the questions (which generally dissipates the feelings anyway) and then try to do one of the things I love ASAP.

Try it for yourself, you may be surprised at the outcome!

Here's to choosing more easy, joy and glory on a daily basis!

Naturally a kahuna massage/bars session can help you alleviate stress/anxiety/pain and I would love to beable to help you with that.  

Please call me on 0434 245 706 if you would love to make a time to receive Bliss.

Have a grand day and choose bliss, 

Scott Murray

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