This post is guaranteed to be a little weird for some of you - be warned it may rock your perception of your body!

Over the past 15 years I have had the great joy of assisting people to feel better about themselves through the art of Kahuna Massage and more recently Bars Sessions.

As time goes on clients are receiving more from each session than I thought possible and sometimes than what they thought possible.  Apart from the physical benefits of a Kahuna Massage including removal of toxins, deep relaxation and the release of long held tension in their muscles,  Clients are reporting they are feeling more connected to themselves and achieving a sense of oneness.

I'm not saying this to boost my own credentials.  I now ask each client before the session, whether it be Kahuna Massage or Bars, "If you could have anything from todays session, what would it be?"  This opens up a whole world of opportunities for me to facilitate.  I don't heal clients.  I really only facilitate change, if you are willing.

If you had no limits, what would you be willing to receive for your body or into your life today?

The use of Access tools has allowed me more possibilities in my life than I previously thought possible.  Today I am going to share with you an excerpt from one of their books: Embodiment: the Manual You Should Have Been Given When You Were Born

This book may go against everything you've ever thought, everything you've been taught, and  everything you've bought from everything and everyone else around you.  It doesn't claim to give you the answers.  Instead it will encourage you to ask questions.  It will allow you to enjoy the body you currently have - and to enjoy the body you create!

Among other things the book covers 10 Things That Your Body Would Tell You If You'd Only Listen, and I'm going to share them briefly with you here today.

  1. Do one thing a day to nurture, acknowledge and appreciate me. How many days do yo manage to nurture, acknowledge and appreciate your body? Everyday? About three out of seven? About one out of 800? Your body would like you to acknowledge it and nurture it on a daily basis.

  2. Stop Judging Me. Judging your body is not the way to change it. Instead, acknowledge it and the ask it what it would take for it to change. Your body is as conscious as you are, maybe even more so, because it's willing to be. It's like an animal. Animals are conscious, simply because they don't cut off their awareness with judgements like we do.

  3. I was created to have fun. I have a startling question to ask you: What if the sole purpose of life was to have fun? Some people say life is supposed to be fun for kids, but not for adults. They think adults have heavy and serious responsibilities, so they can't have fun, and a lot of people have ended up buying this point of view.

  4. Ask me about me.Don't do things that involve me without asking me how I feel about them. Don't shove hummus up my nose because someone tells you it will make us feel sexy and lose weight. Stop judging and ask your body. Your body has all the answers if you'll start asking.

  5. Ask me what it would take to get me to look the way you want me to. If you'll just ask what it would take to get me to look the way you want me to, I'll be happy to comply. I'll let you know exactly what it would take, but never ask and take the time to listen and then do what I request.

  6. I'm the one eating. Your body is saying, "I'm the one eating, idiot. You are not." Okay, I just added idiot. Your body didn't really say that. But I did say, "When it come time to eat, ask me what I'd like." (except when it says no to chocolate and you really, really want it. Dark Chocolate is a food group from my point of view! he, he)

  7. Ask me what movement I would like to do. Instead of asking your body what exercise it would like, ask it what movement it would like to do....It might want to do something completely different every single day....When you are truly in communion with your body, moving it is a joy and pleasure.

  8. Don't buy the latest fad. Your body says, "Don't buy the latest fad as to what will finally change me. I don't need to be changed as much as I need to be listened to. It's really simple.

  9. Ask, "Where does this come from?" This has to do with how to handle pains, discomforts and hunger. Instead of reactively responding to these when you feel them, your body wants you to ask, "Where does this come from?" 98% of the thoughts feelings and emotions you experience aren't yours. Somewhere between 50-90% of the pain and suffering you experience in your body isn't yours. Never was.

  10. I'm a body - You're an infinite being. Your body is saying, "Hey, I'm a body. You're an Infinite being. You're not inside of me. I am inside of you. Because you're infinite, which is really, really, really big, you're too immense to fit inside of me. Rather, I exist inside of you, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a connection and a communion, right?"

Embodiment doesn't require pain and suffering.  Not if you are in communion.  A feather touch creates a huge result.  But you have to listen to the ten things you body is saying to you.

How different could your body be if you allowed these suggestions into your life?

Be careful what you ask for if you do come for a Kahuna Massage or Bars Session.  A large amount of my recent clients have received far more change in their lives and their bodies than most would think possible from  a 1.5 hr session.

Choose Bliss,

Scott Murray

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