Case Study - Billy and the Loosening of His Hips


Billy is a well seasoned yoga practitioner and loves to surf. However, he also has a desk job that requires him sitting for long periods of time. This often results in his hip flexors tightening up as well as his quads/leg muscles/IT band and glutes.

While Billy was happy with his yoga practice, he wondered if loosening up his hips and legs would enable him more flexibility in yoga and less tension in his leading leg while surfing.

After one Kahuna Massage session - I worked deeply into his quads, IT band and hamstrings as well as hip flexors and psoas muscles, Billy noticed a remarkable difference in his next yoga class. The freedom we created in his hips allowed him to move way more freely in all postures.

Working deeply into these strong muscle groups is rarely a pleasant experience, but the short amount of intensity is worth the weeks of ease and increased flexibility.

With fortnightly sessions we are continually working deeper into these areas and the surrounding muscles to allow more freedom and movement. Have you ever noticed that once you ease the tension out of the sore muscles, others surrounding them start talking to you and asking for attention?

The Energetics Behind Tight Hips

Pain in your hips allows you to see and understand what you are stuck in.  What old ideas, paradigms and parameters do you have about an area of your life that you are using to keep you stuck in the place that you are in.

Ask yourself some questions about your ‘stuckness’, about what choices you could change and see how this allows you ease.

Your hips allow you movement when you give them ease by making changes to your thinking patterns.

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*Photos all courtesy of  Josh Kramer Yoga

*Photos all courtesy of Josh Kramer Yoga

Is it time to loosen your hips and have more movement in your body and life?