Sports Recovery Massage Noosa


Thinking of skimping on your Sports Recovery Massage?
Think again, it may be your answer to improved performance and a speedier recovery time.

Whether you've just competed in the Noosa Tri, Ironman or surfing competition or you're in training for these events, a regular massage to enhance recovery and decrease recovery time is paramount to improving your athletic performance.

Some of the Benefits of Massage for Athletes are:

  1. Relieves muscle spasms and reduce nerve irritation

  2. Breaks down scar tissue and adhesions

  3. Improves circulation, which in turn increases oxygen and nutrition delivery to muscle and helps repair damaged tissues

  4. Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, enabling faster removal of waste products and toxins

  5. Relieves stress and provides relaxation to the entire body, which is essential for good recovery

While some people prefer the simplicity of the remedial massage, you can't go past a Kahuna Massage for total body healing.  Not only are the muscles lengthened & stretched to help remove knots, joints can be mobilised and imbalances between muscle groups be can be balanced again.  On top of these benefits, you mind gets to relax and your brain unwinds.

How does a kahuna massage help reduce the soreness often experienced after race day or training?

While there are many different scientific points of view about why your muscles get sore...ranging from small tears, build up of waste products, lack of oxygen/nutrients, adhesions or pain receptor stimulation and nerve irritation, one thing is well known - effective massage can help alleviate this pain, quickly!  It does this by reducing the inflammation, removing the toxins and flushing the muscles with fresh blood to add recovery.

So what are you waiting for?

Book yourself a Kahuna Massage today to boost your athletic performance and recovery.

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