Massage Gift Vouchers

The Ultimate Gift!


The Gift for the Person who has Everything.

Have you ever wished you could nurture the ones you love but didn't know how?

Wish no longer...

You have just discovered the Ultimate Massage Gift Voucher. 

A Kahuna Massage is like no other!  If you've ever had one, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  The long flowing strokes from head to toe,  warm oil, a table so comfortable you could fall asleep on it, soothing music and the space.  The space for you to be you without a care in the world.  Time for you to reconnect with you - I bet you wish the massage was for you!

Or maybe you think your loved ones would like Access Bars?  Have you ever wanted to feel so nurtured and your head decluttered that all of life was joyful and fun again?  That is one of the many amazing things Access Bars can do for you.  Do you want to have better relationships?  Improve your money flows?  Receive more clarity with your life's direction - then Access Bars is for you (well, them is a gift voucher you're after isn't it?)

Is gentle change more how you roll?  The waves of energy gently nurturing and moving through every cell in your body is how some people experience Energy Healing.  Others feel intense warmth and a magnetic like pull going through their bodies.  However you experience it, Energy Healing can help change everything from stress to broken bones.  What's possible for your body?

Not everybody has the ability to perform these wonderful modalities on bodies.  You have the ability to gift it to the ones you love though.  How much nurturing would you like to gift them?

With a 1 hour session they could have a Kahuna Massage, Access Bars or Energy Healing.  With 1.5hrs they could combine 2 modalities.  With 2hrs they may choose to experience  all three.

What are you waiting for?  

Book today so your loved ones can have more ease in their bodies as soon as possible. 

They may just return the favour!


All body work is performed by Scott Murray, a bodyworker and Kahuna therapist for 14+ years.

Scott travels from Cooroy to Coolum on the sunshine coast for clients but generally works from his studio in Tewantin.