What if nurturing your body looked totally different to what you have ever perceived before?  My series of nurture days are based in Noosa but you can adapt most of what I will be doing/talking about to any location.  Sometimes a little creativity and a lot of asking your body, goes a long way.  My body is asking for a kahuna massage....I wonder if today will be the day?  

The new chip.  No its not a micro-chip, nor is it a hot chip or even a 'baked not fried' kind of chip.  I've discovered my body loves baby spinach leaves.  By the packet load.  It's not every bodies cup of tea, but I am really enjoying sitting down to a bowl of baby spinach and hand feeding myself like kids do with chips.

Mmmm do you think I can get our kids interested in them?  Hell no, they're green!  Eek, "What poison are you trying to feed me?" they ask!  They would much rather the 'real' potato chips.

Here are some of the health benefits of Baby Spinach - especially when it is fresh and vibrantly green!

  • Loaded with vitamins - A, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, E, C

  • Overflowing with minerals - manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium

  • High phytonutrient content - anti-cancer & anti-inflammatory (decreased risk of aggressive prostate cancer is one claim to fame)

  • Antioxidant benefits - lowers the risk of numerous health problems related to oxidative stress

  • Bone health - vitamin K1 & K2 prevents breaking down of bones and anchors calcium molecules inside of the bone

*You can find out more here.

My target of 3 litres of kangen water seems easier today and I am always aware to hydrate as much as possible before my moving meditations - sometimes they can be pretty intense!

Like Yoga with Trent Banyan.  This guy is one of the most caring people I know, you would think he would be soft and gentle?!  yoga teacher.  More like Bootcamp Banyan.  Trent takes yoga to a whole new level for me tonight.  Postures I have never attempted before ( I can't even pronouce them, let alone spell them - sanscrit is not my native tongue), high strength and cardio focus, more sweat than I have had since my last Bikram Yoga class.

Did I feel amazing? You bet!  I love that pleasantly exhausted feeling after moving meditation, in whatever form it takes.  I also love that feeling of slight soreness in my muscles the next day, the one you have when you have just worked out enough.  Not the overworked sensation where you have trouble moving your muscles.

Re-hydrating after movement is really nurturing for your body, especially your kidneys and circulation.  Leaving yourself dehydrated leads to headaches and muscle stiffness.  What happens here is toxins are released from your cells in the flowing movements of yoga and if you don't drink enough water to flush them out, they just find a new home in your body, causing the headaches and stiffness.  Not very nurturing for you delicious body!

No Kahuna massage today, but for my body, yoga is the next best thing.  You bend and stretch in all manner of ways and increase the blood flow to areas that could have been lacking, bringing vital nutrients and oxygen.

And so it is.  What are you doing to nurture your body today?

Yours in Wellness

Scott Murray 

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