3 Key Benefits of a Body Bliss Kahuna Massage

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How would it feel to be able to rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit within a very short space of time and receive a soothing, relaxing massage while you are doing it?  This and more is a reality for you when you allow your body to receive a full body Kahuna Massage!

1. Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit 

Sounds next to impossible to achieve in one session doesn't it?  With a Kahuna Massage anything is possible.  In this hectic world we live in, most people have forgotten how to connect with themselves on a daily basis and just move from one busy part of life to another.  This can lead to you feeling disjointed, out of kilter, lost and sometimes not knowing where to look to put yourself back together.

Receiving a Kahuna massage can assist you to connect to the real you when performed by an energetically tuned in and connected therapist.  The massage style itself doesn't always bring these benefits.  I've had Kahuna's from people that felt like being put through a washing machine and I have experienced others that have enabled me to melt into the table, release blockages on mental, physical and spiritual levels and generally feel more connected to me.  What would it feel like for you to be connected to your true self through a deeply loving and nurturing massage?  How much better would your life be if you allowed this into your life?  What if you could have this connection in your life daily?

2. Deep Relaxation 

Aren't all massages relaxing?  Not in my experience, and I'm sure you've experienced some massages that have left you feeling less than relaxed.  The level of relaxation you feel in a massage comes down to 3 things - 

  • Style of Massage - the long flowing strokes used in a Kahuna massage helps you achieve deeper state of relaxation sooner. One massage stroke can go from your neck to your toes and back. Just the thought of that eases a whole lot of tension in my body. Why is that so relaxing? Well the tactile sensors in the brain can't focus when you receive touch too so many parts of your body, so it literally switches off. Most people slow down or stop thinking. Many fall asleep. This is when your body melts into the table and you feel you are being transported to another world. A world were life really is blissful, tension falls off your body, your cells start to work in harmony with each other, nothing seems to matter anymore you just go with the flow and you may even get off the table looking younger or standing taller. What would that do for your body,mind and spirit?

  • Environment - a deep relaxation massage in a shopping center? You've got to be kidding. What about a massage clinic on a busy road? Not for me thanks. How about a quiet sanctuary in the enchanting Noosa Hinterland where all you can hear is the soft music, birdsong and your own breath? Now that is more like it. In our often frantic, overstimulated world we very rarely give ourselves even 5 minutes a day for stillness and peace. How much better do you think you would feel if you allowed that into your life? Being apart from your usually stimulation's is the best way to relax so you can just focus on you and allow yourself the time to heal.

  • Therapist - I've had massages all over the world in many different styles from Kahuna, remedial, Swedish, shiatsu..... from both male and female therapists. Even though Kahuna is my preferred massage style what it comes down to with me is how comfortable the therapist is within themselves and with the massage style they offer. Have you ever had a massage from a person that just felt awkward? Like you were the first person they had massaged or seen with little or no clothing on. You're not going to receive the massage your body deserves or requires if the therapist doesn't love what they are doing and can effectively transfer this love through their body to yours via their hands, arms (and sometimes feet). I haven't had a foot body massage but it sure looks interesting !

3. Circulation

 Life is about circulation and constant movement.  Even when things appear to be still the molecules within the cells are constantly moving.  And so it is within our bodies when we have optimum health.  Things flow freely and we feel fantastic within ourselves.  Our busy life, faster than necessary food, the stress and pressure of daily life coupled with a lack of exercise often start to cause us health issues that can go undetected until we fall apart.  The best way to avoid this scenario is to maintian optimum circulation in our bodies.  While there are many things that effect the circulation within our bodies eg. diet and exercise, having a deep relaxing massage is one of the most soothing ways to improve your circulation.  Improving your circulation brings fresh blood to your cells and helps them naturally rejuvenate and repair.  Using regular massage to improve your circulation can alleviate cold extremities, move waste away from muscles and internal organs,   lower blood pressure and improve your overall body function.  How much better than that can it get?

If you're living or holidaying on the Sunshine Coast, allow yourself the time to receive a full body Kahuna Massage from Scott @ Body Bliss located in Noosa.  It's a sensual treat beyond your imagination your body will thank you for! 


Scott Murray

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