What's not to love about the deep healing benefits of the long flowing strokes of the Kahuna Massage?

Enjoy the view from the go pro camera on my head so you get to see what I see when I massage.  I use a blend of organic coconut oil and macadamia oil to nurture the skin, adding in vital nutrients, moisture and collagen to help with keeping the skin firm and youthful.

While my massage style is not strictly 'Kahuna', I incorporate movements from Lomi Lomi, remedial and sometimes even trigger point therapy.  One thing is for sure, every cell in your body will feel nourished and revitalised - no matter what state you come to me in.

This is part 1, I'll have part 2 up in the next couple of weeks.

If your after some bliss for your body in the form of a Kahuna Massage, Energy Healing or Access Bars, I'd love to hear from you.  If you've experience a kahuna before and would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below too.


Bliss to you

Scott Murray  

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