Looking for a Massage in Noosa? Based on the ancient Hawaiian techniques of Lomi Lomi and Kahuna style massage, I specialise in shifting stuck energy in your body, mind and spirit.

Experiencing back pain? Shoulder pain? Sciatica? A deeply healing Kahuna massage maybe just the healing your body requires.

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I trained at the famed Mette’s Institute in Kin Kin, here on the Sunshine Coast. We covered all things from hot stones, pregnancy massage, hawaiian lomi lomi massage and polynesian floor work (similar to Zen Thai Shiatsu).

What I love most about this style of massage is the long flowing strokes and rhythmic motion this creates in the body. This alone lulls the brain into a deep state of relaxation. As a massage therapist, you need all the tools you can get working for you to create a deep tissue massage - often without having to use deep pressure points (read painful!!).

What is your body, mind or spirit craving that a Kahuna Massage/Lomi Lomi could satisfy?

See you on the table soon.


Scott Murray

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