Living in Noosa, one of the most beautiful places in the world, we are spoilt for choice for the variety of things you can do and explore to nurture yourself.  Being a Kahuna Massage Therapist I encourage clients to nurture themselves everyday.  Figuring it was about time I walked my talk, I set out on a mission to focus on nurturing myself for 10 days (sometimes I leave myself to last).

This all started after moving house and not going to weekly yoga for 12 weeks...excuse, excuse, excuse - why didn't I just choose it and go? Sometimes you just have to make nurturing your body a priority.   

I love to run.  I have always enjoyed the freedom it gives me.  It's a bit like a moving meditation for a busy mind.  I've never been the pound the pavement and record my times kind of runner, hoping for slight improvements with each session.  More the put your joggers on, do a few stretches for a warm up and let's go exploring kind of adventurer.

One of my favourite running sessions starts at Little Cove, into the Noosa National Park entrance, along the coastal track to Hells Gates and back.  If I feel the need for a little longer session, I add the short sojourn to Alexandria Bay north entrance.  There is a great set of stairs leading to the beach.  Call me crazy, but I really enjoy running up stairs!

The coastal track is loaded with exquisite views of Laguna Bay, a variety of terrain and loads of exotic people too talk to if you wish.  Sometimes I challenge myself to say 'Hi' to as many people as possible.  It's really interesting watching peoples reactions when a stranger greets them with a smile.

Speaking of water, while its lovely to look at, todays mission was to drink 3ltrs of Kangen water.  I normally advocate at least 1ltr per 25kg of body weight to stay hydrated.  I manage 2ltrs most days with ease and would like to increase this to 3-4 ltrs.  You can watch the video below to discover more about Kangen water or do you own research - there is loads of information on the internet.

Ah, and now for what instigated the 10 days of Nurture.  I love my body.  When I am on the look out for a class, massage or natural therapies session, I ask my body to find me the facilitator who it would most benefit from.  I discovered Grant from Yoga Wave in Noosaville and rocked up for my first session.  After not doing yoga for 12 weeks and nore spending a whole lot of time nurturing myself, I was a bit sceptical about how I would go.  Luckily for me, Grant has a very gentle style (a lot less energetic than I was used to) so it was a perfect intro back into yoga.

Yoga allows me to explore my own space, to be with 'me' and to leave the thoughts and busyness of the day behind.  AHHHH.  Slow down.  Breath.  Stretch.  Relax.  What's not to love about life?  

My strength and flexibility targets for my body always far out weigh what my body is currently capable of.  That's why I love showing up to yoga.  It gives me the chance to expand my capacities and grow each time I move past a point I was previously stuck at.

And there you have it.  Day One of my 10 Days of Nurture in Noosa.  What adventures await me tomorrow?  I'm not sure.  As I awaken each day I am going to ask my body how it would like to be nurtured and see what shows up!  Mmmm, will there be a kahuna massage in there somewhere?   

Loving Life :)

Scott Murray 

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