Aahhh Yoga on the Beach at Little Cove so nurturing for the body & soul...but not for today!  Sometimes the most nurturing think you can do is....nothing. Upon awakening this  morning, after a little sleep in, my body felt pleasantly exhausted.  After five days of nurturing and intensive movement, rest was on the cards.

I love lazy sundays.  One of the most nourishing things I can do for my skin is slip on the exfoliating gloves and gently remove all of the dead skin cells.  It's a really great lymphatic massage as well because of its light touch.  Once I have given my whole body a rub over, I nourish my skin with macadamia oil or coconut oil or a combination of both (like I use for Kahuna Massage).

Macadamia oil is full of collagen so helps keep the skin elastic and youthful.

Coconut oil is full of nutrients and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral so assists the skin to heal.

The art of massaging the oil into your skin is also nurturing for your soul and self esteem if you do it naked in front of the mirror.  Do it with gratitude for everything your body is, without judgement of all the bits you think could be different.  This regular practise will help your body change to become more of what you would like, and less of what you don't desire.  How different do you think your body would be if you stopped judging it non stop?

Thoughts are things.  Are you aware of the thoughts and judgements you have daily about your body, your life?  I love to spend quiet time in awareness of all the 'crap' that flows through our heads, and dissolve it.  98% of it is just that, crap.  Fantasies, illusions, fears, crap crap crap.

I use a process from Access Consciousness to help with this. Actually I'll share a few of my favourite processes.  

Return to sender, with consciousness attached. 

With any thought, feeling or emotion you can repeat this phrase.  It even works on body pains.  The premise is that we are all psychic bunnies and actually pick up on others thoughts, feelings & emotions and take them on board as our own - Cute huh! Keep saying it until you feel lighter again. 

Interesting point of view.

Your point of view creates your reality.  What if everything was just an interesting point of view?  Try this for 3 days.  Say "Interesting point of view, I have that point of view" to every thought, feeling and emotion.  See what changes for you.  I found my whole outlook of life and living changed.  Things I used to have points of view about that used to stick me, no longer do.  Aahhh, I'm aware of a lightness in my universe.

Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.

This is called the "Crazy phrase".  You can say it too 'crazy' people, and they will go away. I use it when I am feeling a little crazy myself.  I repeat it over and over until the lightness returns to my world.

What awareness do you have for nurturing your body today?

Choose Bliss

Scott Murray 

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