The serenity of yoga on the beach at noosa, waves gently lapping the shore line creating a lulling 'Om' sound of their own.  The ebb and flow similar to the long flowing strokes of a decadent Lomi Lomi Massage with hands and forearms gently caressing your body.  The warm oil nourishes your skin as it soaks into the cells.  The soft music lulling you off into a deep sleep..."DAD!!!"

OMG, I awoke with a jump as the kids coming running into the room.  "Who's taking us to school today?..." I fear I have slept in and missed the 8am yoga class, lucky for me I have negotiated with my wife for her to take the children to school this morning, they just didn't know yet.

I get myself together and head off for morning yoga with Grant at Yoga Wave.  Mornings are a gentle class, lucky for me as I am not my most flexible first up.  One of the gifts I love about Grant's yoga is he asks us to set an intention for the class before we start.  Then when we finish, to reflect and become aware if we have moved closer to our intention.  

Today, mine is peace.  Peace within.  Peace with family and friends.  Peace with the world.  If I have peace within, I am more able to share this with the world. Namaste!

Gifting and receiving from the earth is another of my favourite pastimes.  I lie on the ground and ask my body and the earth to gift and receive to each other whatever energies they require to exchange.  Often my body will jolt and wiggle just like clients do when I am running their Bars or energy healing.  And I have the awareness to check Facebook - of all things!!!

I love how the universe works.  A friend from my kahuna network has just arrived in Noosa and was asking for a swap today.  Yippee, today is the day for my own kahuna bliss!  I put off my website work until night, and prepare for our session.

I know it is really beautiful to receive a Kahuna and do nothing much after, besides a leisurely stroll on the beach.  It is also magical when you swap with another practitioner as the energy (Mana - in Hawaiian) that builds up between you both can create more bliss for your body than is possible on your own.  Swaps are usually the times when I see spirit guides, have past life clearings/rememberances, drift off into realities and receive awareness that isn't normally available to me on a day to day basis.  Under the hands and guidance of an experienced practitioner, this is also possible without the need to build up the Mana between you.

It had been over 6 months since my last Kahuna, so I was really looking forward to the exchange.  Apart from the physical nurturing , it is also wonderful to experience anothers' mastery of the Kahuna technique.  Your body learns new variations and remembers old sequences that you have fallen out of habit with.

As my body was caressed, stretched and bent to relieve the stress, tightness and blockages that had build up, I focused on my breath.  Inhaling the new, exhaling what no longer served me.

My mind went blank.  Such is the joy of receiving a Kahuna massage.  What magic could I create for myself while living in this kahuna induced state? 


Mana to you

Scott Murray

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