Every human being experiences pain in areas of their bodies at different times.

Some humans experience pain more often than others, some experience very little pain, all do experience some pain.

Why do you have pain in your bodies?

You have pain in your bodies so that you can become aware of how you are experiencing your life. You can experience your life with almost no pain and some human beings do this.

If you were to become aware of when the pain in your body first starts - we will use as an example here a headache, as most of you have experienced a headache at some time in your lives - so when your headache first starts, we suggest that as you become aware of this - STOP what you are doing and retrace you thoughts, retrace your thinking and allow yourself to have an awareness of what you were thinking when the pain started. Maybe you might like to write this thinking down, particularly if pain is a frequent companion for you.

The next time and the next time that you experience pain in your head do the same thing:

Stop --->   Retrace --->   Write down

You will start to see a pattern of your thinking process as you do this exercise a number of times.

When you can see that what you are allowing yourself to think about, to take up moments in your life, the next part of the exercise is to have a really good look at what you are thinking that is causing you to have pain in your body.

You may wish to keep this pain - many do - and this is your free will, your choice.

If you were to choose to release this pain, then we would suggest that you explore your thinking about this topic. Some questions to ask that may help you are:

  • Is this thinking adding to my life?

  • Why do I choose to continue to think about this topic?

  • Is there anything that I can do to change my thinking about this topic that would allow me more ease if I am to think about it again?

  • Would I change my thinking if I thought that I could?

Then have a really good look at your part in this topic, at whether it serves you to keep this topic in your thinking or would it serve you moving forward to see this topic differently or simply make a choice to not think about it at all.

If there is any action to take in this situation in your life, make a choice to take the action to do, say, be whatever it is that you feel is required to make the changes in your thinking, your way of perceiving this topic that could then allow you to release some or all of your thinking about this topic.

This release may happen quickly or it may take some time, depending on how you choose to make your changes.

The key to releasing this pain is to choose change.   Because if you continue to do what you have been doing in the past, you will continue to get the same result.

You making changes will change the result you get and give you more ease and less pain in your body.

So this is about you becoming more aware of you and how you are in any particular moment.

This awareness of you is what will help you to be able to make changes, to release your pain. We have only used a headache as an example. Use this exercise for all areas of your body.

Human beings can experience their bodies without pain and the new energies on this planet at this time support this - it is your choice.

This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray 

Until we meet again, choose bliss.  

Scott Murray

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