Top 5 Benefits of a Kahuna Massage in Noosa


Benefit #1:

One of the most talked about benefits of a Kahuna massage is the long flowing strokes from head to toe that lull your brain into a deep state of relaxation (even for over thinkers!). The varying pressure applied through the hands and forearms allows the muscles to relax. With both arms/hands working fluidly across the body, the brain finds it hard to keep up with the multiple touch points, so it too switches off.

Benefit #2

Working mostly on the back muscles at the beginning of the massage, this allows your sympathetic nervous system to relax, taking you out of the fight or flight response most people seem to spend their days in. Given that all of your nerves pass through the spine and the huge load placed on our backs (and core) to keep us upright most of the day, relaxing these big muscle groups quickly sure chills the body out.

Benefit #3

As I bend and stretch your limbs, the tension is gently coerced out of your body (be warned…sometimes it’s not so gentle!!) It’s almost like somebody doing your yoga class for you, without the sweat and  teacher’s annoying voice! This has the added benefit of increasing your range of movement through all of your joints.

Benefit #4

The broad forearm strokes allow a deeper pressure to be applied, without the need for painful trigger pointing (although I do use this to where necessary).  You can literally feel the tension leave your muscles, most people moan/sigh to help verbalise the release. These. strokes. are. often. really. slow.

Benefit #5

Combined with energy healing at the end of your session, this gives your beautiful body a deep sense of peace. Your head is often floating in the clouds and your desire to ‘do’ anything is minimal.  Your awareness of all that you ‘be’ is often heightened. 

You may even notice you have the best sleep you’ve had in weeks the nights following your Kahuna massage.

All of this and the added benefits of a remedial massage:

  • your circulation will improve

  • stress reduction

  • immunity boosting by reducing your stress hormones

  • your skin tone and moisture levels will improve

  • your body will move freer

  • your muscles will have reduce pain

  • you’ll stand taller

Depending on what’s going on with your body, I may recommend and show you yoga stretches to help prevent particular muscles tightening up again.

Is it time to nurture yourself in Noosa?