Kahuna massage, based on the ancient lomi lomi technique from Hawaii, is a full body oil massage like no other. It is gentle but also a deep flowing form of massage that will relax, revitalize, and revive you

At its heart, Kahuna connects mind, body and spirit. These three aspects to humans are linked, and through our neglect of any or all of them in our daily life, we often disconnect them. Kahuna massage is a starting point to help reconnect and balance the three so you become more aware of all that you are.

Ka Huna bodywork is performed largely with the forearms and uses a lot of long flowing strokes to relax the mind, soothe the body and help ease the tension from the muscles.  The firmness of the massage can range from deep relaxation (soft) to deep tissue (very firm).  The strokes flow from the neck to the feet and a combination of all the limbs and muscles in between. It really is a massage like no other.  It is quite easy to "loose" yourself while receiving the massage.


Apart from the obvious benefits of relaxation (de-stress, clear mind, slower pace), and health benefits (better circulation, improved digestion, improved mobility...)  your body can achieve a state of bliss when receiving a Kahuna massage combined with energy healing.  Being professionally trained in both, and having received many different forms of healing, I know what feels blissful for my body and invite you to experience the same for your body.

Bliss feels different for everybody and that’s why all Body Bliss sessions are personalized to suit your beautiful body.  All bodies are beautiful and need to be treated with joy, love and respect to facilitate the healing process.  A massage with Scott goes beyond “a treat” – would you be willing to gift an experience beyond your imagination to your body?

"I first went to Scott for a massage about 2 years ago. Recently I have been suffering from back pain, headaches and sleepless nights, but after 3 sessions with Scott the back pain has gone and I am sleeping again. Scott is very in tuned with the person in front of him and has a great knowledge of different types of therapy that might help you. I am looking forward to my next appointment"

Rob J., Noosa

Would you be willing to allow your body moments of bliss in your healing, rejuvenating journey? 

What health benefits are possible for your body when each of its cells are filled with bliss, love and joy?

Choose Bliss

Scott Murray

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