Running trough the Noosa National Park is one of the highlights of my week but today I was feeling like something a little flatter.  So I choose to run from Noosa Waters, in Noosaville to Hasting Street, Noosa Heads.  Lucky for me I didn't check how far it was before I left.  What I thought would be a flat 8-ish kilometres turned into a 12km+ run.  It is very flat and mostly shaded though so even with the extra distance, it was a breeze.  I can hear you thinking... 12km running...a breeze...is this guy nuts?  How can that be nurturing?

Well, for those of you that know me, I do have a body built for long distance running (long legs, medium build).  I also grow up running through the sandy hills in the National Park around Rainbow Beach, so it becomes part of conditioning i.e. what your body is used too.  Running these distances really allows me to clear my head, sweat out a whole lot of rubbish and connect with and enjoy the magical surroundings along Noosa Parade (home of the Noosa Tri).

My body gets into its natural rhythm of breathing and stride and the distance passes by with ease.  Using mostly the lower limbs, it is also a very grounding exercise (important to have comfortable shoes though!!!) 

So I balance this out with Yoga in the evening.  Many push up like manoeuvres and balances, a few attempts at arm balances and loads of core strength brings a moving mediation to the whole body.  My yoga instructor must have read my mind.

Speaking of balance.  In order to expend this much energy in one day, adding  nutrients back into your body is super important.  Drinking 3+ ltrs of Kangen water with a touch of himalayan salt goes down a treat (especially after this mornings run).  I also chose a higher protein day today with organic eggs, lamb chops and a protein shake throughout the day as well as plenty of greens like spinach and my fave lebonese cucumbers.

What's not to love about moving meditations?  For me its one of the best ways to nurture your body, mind and spirit.  How do you nurture your body, mind and spirit?

What's your Bliss?

Scott Murray

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