As a facilitator of change I receive many requests for healing or ease in particular parts of people's bodies.  Some therapists promote themselves as 'healers' that can make dramatic change for clients, and I believe this is possible.

But what if the client isn't willing to receive the change?

Nobody likes a painful body.  But sometimes what you would have to give up ie. the pain, stiffness, soreness,  is far more inviting for people than change.  You read it right.  Sometimes what the pain means for people far outweighs what pain free could do for them.  What could you be if your body had ease every moment of the day?

What would you have to give up for your body and you to choose ease?

 Really it is just a choice.  I have in the past woken up with a very painful back, so much so that I didn't know how I was going to be able to get out of bed, let alone deal with the children.  However, being the great manipulators that they are, the children convinced me to take them to the beach.

 As I prepared to take them to the beach the back pain eased a little.  As we got to the beach it was virtually non existent.  Playing on the beach I forgot how sore it was as I was having too much fun.  Upon our return home the pain started to trickle back.

So was pain a choice?  Yes.  I know I have re-created pain after a fantastic massage as well.  My body was so used to being in pain, if it wasn't there I would re-create the familiarity of pain to keep me stuck, limited and small.  Nobody wants to be the grandness they can be when they are in pain.  It is much safer to limit your self and cut off all your ability to receive, or is it?

I have also been willing to receive far beyond anything I have experienced before when having a bodywork session and the difference in my body afterwards has been nothing short of amazing.

What would you be willing to receive if you had no limits?

How are you using pain in your body to limit your expression of life?

What change can you facilitate for yourself?

I love facilitating change for people and have expanded Body Bliss onto Facebook.  If you would care to "like" the page and even say hi that would be great.  

I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.  I still have more changes coming to help you add more ease in your body and life

Choose ease

Scott Murray

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