Bliss - a state of being defined as 'perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else'.  One of the reasons I called my business 'Body Bliss Massage'.  If you haven't already, add receiving a Kahuna massage to your bucket list.  The long flowing strokes and deep healing energy imparted with this Hawaiian rights of passage massage will really help you bliss out.  And not just for a few hours.  Some of my clients still feel the effects weeks after.  Many of them have the best nights sleep they have had in years the night after. Will today be the day I receive one?

A few years back, I wanted to improve my core strength so did some research on youtube for 'crunches' alternatives, as I wasn't a fan of crunches. I discovered a whole range of core exercises, put them together to make a workout routine,  and called it 'Abs by the Beach'.  

I thought I would invite a few friends to come with me and get fit while enjoying their company and I hate the 4 walls workout world, so the beach it was.  Plus working out in the sand adds a degree of intensity to the routine.

Many clients also come to me with back pain and increasing your core strength is one way of decreasing back pain.  So I created this video (while I was recovering from the flu - hence the puffing) to help clients manage their wellness.

What I normally do is break the routine up and do some at the start of a run or walk, some in the middle and some at the end.  Bit like a warm up and cool down routine.  Today was a gorgeous day on Sunshine Beach so I headed down, walked from Sunshine to Peregian Beach and stopped every so often to include these.

This is certainly one way to increase the metabolism.  And I have the perfect snack to boost energy levels. 

Bliss Balls.

My kind of snack - add all the ingredients to a food processor, blend until mixed, roll into balls and refrigerate - easy!


  • Cashews (blend these first) - 1 cup

  • Cacao powder - 1/2 cup

  • Macca powder - tble spn

  • Desiccated Coconut - 1/2 cup

  • Coconut Oil - 3 tbl spn

  • Dates - 8 pitted

  • Chia seeds - to mix in at the end

**I never actually measure the ingredients  but I know people will want to know measurements, ask your body what it requires

** Sometimes I will add protein powder as well :)

Snack away.  Nutritious, Delicious and cleansing if you have to many!

Another day of nurturing bliss in Noosa.  Does it have to end?  Not for this body!  I can't wait for tomorrow's adventure.

Bliss out

Scott Murray

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