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Ease in your life is closer than you think.  How many times do you come up against a so called 'brick wall' in life and wonder how you are ever going to scale it?  What if you didn't have to?  What if you could simply change your point of view and choose a different reality?

This is winter at Little Cove, Noosa.  The shot was taken in panorama.  I parked my stuff and looked at the rock wall.  Then I turned 90 degrees and saw a glimps of the ocean.  I started to wonder.  Then I turned a further 90 degrees and saw the blue green seas with many surfers going with the flow of the waves and having a wonderful time.

I wondered even more.  How many people come to a rock wall, crevice or road block in life, get overwhelmed and think they live in a no choose universe - so they start thinking about how to 'overcome' the obstacle?  What if something so simple as spinning around in the spot you are in, gives you differing points of view with endless options.  Would that give you more ease?  Could you choose it?  Would you choose it?  For you?  What if there was no right or wrong, just a choice.

Yes climbing over the rock wall could have been fun, if not a little challenging.  But riding the waves with the energy of the ocean supporting you, feeling the joy of others around you doing the same and taking things a little easier for a change instead of trying to figure a way to 'overcome' something.

How have you changed your point of view and invited more ease into your life?  Could you do it more often...

Choose Bliss

Scott Murray

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