Weight Loss Wednesday - Morning Detox Delight

For some first thing in the morning seems to be the optimum time for detoxing their bodies.  So give this little treat a go instead of your usual cup of coffee or tea...

1 Warm mug of water

1 Fresh squeezed Lemon

1 Teaspoon of organic coconut oil

Sip it like tea before you have anything to eat, oh yeah, it may be an acquired taste but you definitely feel less toxic after.

Warm drinks are assimilated into the body quicker as they are at body temperature.  Lemon is a natural alkaliniser, dis-ease loves acid states in the body.  Organic coconut oil assists the body to draw out toxins and remove unwanted fats from the body.

 This can be drunk any time of the day as well, the more the merrier if you are on a detox mission.


Scott Murray

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