Most days I am blessed with flexible timing - my work day can be adjusted with ease, so if I feel the urge to go for a run, walk or juice at a moments notice, I can.  Not today though.  I leave for Brisbane at 8am with back to back clients until 9.30pm.  It's a big day and I plan it that way.  I've discovered over the years that I am better off working for a few days really intensively and having slower, more creative time for the rest of the week than slogging it out for the whole week.

For me it keeps things fresh and allows me to work with the energy of my body and business.  It gives me the space to work from awareness, not the pressure of always being on the Do-Do roundabout.

The days I choose to work intensely I create nurture moments.  

I set up my favourite music/business podcast/channeling to listen too for the drive to Brisbane.  It makes the time fly by real quick!  It also helps me create the right mindset for a full client day :)

I have always had the motto with Kahuna Massage - that every 1hr of massaging I do, I spend 10 mins nurturing my own body.  Mostly this will take the form of warming up before hand with 'flying' that we learnt at Kahuna Training @ Mette's Institute and some stretches at the end to realign and lengthen my own muscles.

'Flying' is a series of Tai Chi like movements that warm up the body, bring stillness to the mind, flexibility to the joints and a connectedness to the earth.  A perfect platform to launch into a day of Kahuna massaging in Brisbane.

As the day progresses, I maintain my energy levels with light food - fruit, bliss balls and lots of water.  For whatever reason, I am always drawn to high Vitamin C foods like oranges & Kiwi fruit. Bananas are great for energy too.

Water is always on offer for clients after their Kahuna massage.  Working deeply both energetically and physically can have detoxing effects on the body and I encourage clients to drink 2 ltrs of water in the 2 hrs following their massage.  The reason being this assists the body to eliminate all of the toxins through the lymphatic system, instead of finding a new home in the body (usually the head, so you can get a headache the next day if you don't drink enough water).  I join them by having at least a glass of water before and after the massage session.

Allowing myself 1.5hrs for dinner, I slip down to the local fish shop and get some grilled Tasmanian Salmon and hot chips.  What do you mean hot chips are not healthy and nurturing?  I have always found with food - your point of view creates your reality.  Chocolate and cakes have always been fat free in my point of view, so my body maintains this point of view.  Same with hot chips, this shop has to die for chips, so having them once a fortnight is not going to kill me.  I simply ask my body to eliminate anything from the food that I eat that it doesn't require or is not for its highest good.

How do you nurture yourself in your busiest days? 

Choose for you

Scott Murray 

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