Service and Change

 If you felt that the last task was difficult to celebrate, let me give you the fifth one - service. This one is going to touch your heart. We've spoken of this many times before, because you've got to understand how it really works.

 I speak now to the family in this room, and to those reading this. It's about the seemingly inappropriate deaths of those around you, and again, we speak of family. We speak of the kind of departure that leaves you in sorrow, broken and asking God, "How could you do this?"

We've explained it before: it's not about what happens, it's about the journey. It's about the contract. That's why, dear ones, as we wash your feet, we want you to know something that is so critical and so important about these, the small ones who come in and die in a family - or the grown ones who come in and do the same thing.

They place upon you a burden for life, which you call great sorrow. They come in with an overlay that is great, divine, and extremely anointed - a task that is called a "gift" for you. Hiding within the seemingly horrible event is a gift that is surrounded not by what they did, but by what you do in response.  

 You see, it's not about their death; they did it for you.  You call it sacrifice, but it isn't. That's the wrong word. It's called love. It's an appropriately designed contract - a manifestation of a gift on this planet for you. And I'll tell you what the gift is: If the event didn't bring you to your knees, it should have, because that's where you decided to give intent to examine who you were.

That's where the process starts that is often the catalyst for enlightenment. And if it didn't do that, I want to tell you it's about time it did. Because if it didn't, they wasted the gift! Perhaps this is a new twist on how you feel, and perhaps you do not wish us to be so direct - but it's absolutely true! 

This seemingly heart wrenching event did not happen to them - it happened to you. If you doubt that, look around: where are they, and where are you? Realize that all the energy around it was for you. What have you done with it? Have you been consumed with anger? Guilt? Perpetual grief?

 We challenge you to look at this event with clearer eyes and start the celebration! I challenge you, as a Human Being, to have the wisdom to celebrate their birthday, and the gift that it was. Know that this special Human Being came down in uniqueness, with a contract to give you something grand - and that's called service. What a task!        

~ Kryon, Book VII as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

Yours in Bliss…

Scott Murray

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