Coconut Oil supports the body as a medicine and a nutritious food source.  Tropical Islanders have used it for centuries for their heart health, strong teeth and gums, youthful skin, lustrous shiny hair, lean bodies and buoyant immunity.

How much do you need to ingest daily to receive these benefits?  As little as 2-3 tbsps per day.

How is it best to add it to your diet?  Replace your cooking oils and butter with coconut oil.  Drink it in tea, coffee or mix it with warm water and lemon.  Add it to smoothies, salads and desserts.  Or just take a spoon of it and swallow it (this can be a little hard first up, get used to the taste and build up to it)

So what are the top 5 uses?

1. Use as a Cooking Oil

Coconut oil has a very high smoking point and will not turn rancid and oxidize when it is heated unlike other vegetable, seed and nut oils (including olive oil).

2. Great for Aiding Digestion

When taken together with food it aids in the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  It has natural antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties that detox the body, making it effective in treating candida albicans, bacteria, fungi, parasites and various other contributors to intestinal imbalances and indigestion.  Coconut oil also possesses a gastrointestinal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Reduce Sugar and Even Food Cravings

Feeling like you could use a little more balance in your energy levels?  Coconut oil is the perfect health tonic which may give you the ability to go without food for longer periods without symptoms of hypoglycaemia or sugar cravings.

4. Strengthens Immune Function

The lauric acid in coconut oil is highly toxic to viruses, funguses and bacteria.  Breast milk is the only other natural source of lauric acid.

5. Natural Sunscreen

Some of the first commercial sunscreens contained coconut oil as their main ingredient.  Coconut oil screens 20% of ultraviolet.  The effectiveness of coconut oil in protecting you from sunburn will also depend on your diet.  It is best applied at least 30 mins before sun exposure.

Many people use coconut oil as a massage oil (like myself!), as it is so nourishing for the skin and body.  

Can you use any type of coconut oil?  I recommend Virgin Organic Coconut Oil as it has not been refined, bleached or deodorised.

Our body can benefit in so many more ways through the use of coconut oil.  How you ingest it is only limited by your imagination.  What does your body required? 


Scott Murray

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