Waking up in Brisbane after a full day of Kahuna Massaging to the sounds of traffic and morning commuters - not my idea of bliss or nurturing!  Lucky its only once a fortnight. Drinking water is always first on my nurture list.  To sit and ponder the day ahead by myself is a rare gem I only get to do in Brisbane, for that I am truly grateful for.

My running shoes are staring at me.  My body is resisting as long as possible.  There is a short run from Teneriffe to New Farm park along the river that I love to do when visiting Brisbane.  I head on out.  Slowly.  Do a few warm up stretches on the grass.  The thought of strenuous exercise is far from my mind.  More a gentle jog to warm up the body and get the circulation going before my next client.

My mind wanders, its only a matter of hours before I'll be picking up the kids on the way home to Noosa.  Yep, I really am a space cadet today.  Fortunately I don't need to concentrate while I massage.  After 11+yrs the moves just flow out of my body, the energy is always 'on' and I have discovered I don't need to be consciously aware of everything that is going on with clients bodies to gift them an amazing experience.

Being in a place of non-judgement about this has taken me a while to achieve, but is really nurturing for me.  It takes the pressure off, about having to 'know' how to 'fix' everything a client has going on in their gorgeous body.  Oh yeah, they also need to choose it for the change to occur.  No matter how brilliant I am, if they are not willing to receive anything from me or their session, no change can occur :(

The calm, protected waters of Little Cove, Noosa Heads are beckoning.  Its my natural flotation tank.  Perfect salt levels.  Crystal clear waters - you can see fish swimming literally centimetres away from your legs.  Such a refreshing difference from the hustle and bustle of the city that I left this morning.

Does the nurture party have to end?  Well, no not really.  It's just a choice.  Life is here to be enjoyed.  Most weeks I manage to wangle my time so the days work for me.  Sometimes it means I start work again at 7pm on websites so that I can have the days to play in the sun.  How could you change things so your time was more flexible and you could fit in nurture time.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Whether you are holidaying in Noosa, visiting from Brisbane or beyond, there really is plenty to do in Noosa to nurture yourself.  If your every stuck for ideas -  A kahuna massage and a stroll along the beach is a great place to start.


Nurture you forever...

Scott Murray