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Have you been on the move? 

 The reason I ask, is with the cooler weather we all tend to slow down and be less active (and some add a few extra unwanted kilos for winter warmth). Slowing down is ideal at this time of year. I've recently taken an axe to my calendar and reduced the amount of things I have going on so I can have more still time and focus on myself and the changes that are happening in life and my body. Mmmm, it's been interesting. I discovered that I am not that great at slowing down.

What has been interesting is how much more I become aware off when I am not rush, rush, rush all day. 

The subtle signs, that have a big impact. 

The deeper breathing, that allows more relaxation. 

The awareness of what types of food is doing what, too my body - what my taste buds desire isn't always what my body requires. ( I was sure dark chocolate was a food group!) 

I am fortunate, I get paid to work out every time I have a massage client and I fit in a cross section of other activities like yoga, my core work out and running through the Noosa National Park. So even though I am slowing down with life, I am still maintaining a movement routine. 

What are you doing to help maintain your body? 

Are you changing the foods you eat with the cooler weather? 

Are you having a slower movement routine - works well with cooler muscles! 

Are you taking notice of what your body requires for movement or still being stuck in the old - 'I have to exercise 4 times a week for 30 mins to maintain my fitness' paradigm?

What movement brings you a great deal of joy? I'd be choosing more of this... 

Choose Bliss

Scott Murray

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* Image credit: Sukhashanti - warm up before you try this one, and no, I can't do this...Yet!