Waking up this morning I was feeling a little sluggish and not to inspired to do too much.  It was overcast but my body was desperately hinting to go to the beach.  There was enough blue sky to make a pair of shorts from and spending time on the beach with grey skies isn't really inspiring for me.

My guidance kept suggesting I go anyway.  Given that we live 15 mins from the beach, I know that the weather there can be quite different, so I grabbed my stuff and off I drove.

 The skies were filled with clouds at the beach as well, but you could possibly sew a sheet if you put all the blue sky patches together.  I asked the question...What would it take for the clouds to dissipate and blue skies and sun come out to play?  And then lay down and created a little 'me space' to commune with nature.

Within 30 minutes I was getting a little hot.  I rolled over and looked up, to my complete surprise there was not a cloud in the sky!  How does it get even better than that?

After a little people watching (it fascinates me seeing what others do with their bodies, how they nurture them or not!, and watching  the interactions within groups and  people watching other people move about the beach - it may be a little weird to you  but I just love bodies and people) and a short swim in the cool end of winter waters, my inspiration kicked in.

I created a blog post, did some energy work on my businesses and the new bodywork classes we have coming up soon, came up with an idea to make the most of the beach, exercise and a few friends so everyone can benefit and soaked up some much needed vitamin D!

I am so grateful for my body for being persistent (almost like my kids!) and getting me off to the beach.  Sometimes our bodies whisper stuff to us so many times that will benefit us, we just need to listen and be aware.

 What is your body whispering to YOU?

Until we meet again, Choose Bliss!

Scott Murray

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