No really.  Aren't you sick of hearing about weight loss and the foods you eat/don't eat, how many kilojoules are in this type of food, how much protein do I need to eat today.....yady yady yady.....The list goes on.

 What if weight loss had nothing to do with food but everything to do with your perception of it and what your body requires.  

You see, I have always enjoyed more than my fare share of cakes and chocolates.  What,  Chocolate isn't a food group?  Since when? I have also told myself as long as I remember that chocolate is fat free.  Guess what - for my body this is true.  Is it true for your body too?

What if it could be and all you had to do was allow it?  Would this make a difference to your perception of food, dieting and weight loss?

I also talk to my body about what it would like to eat (I know it's a little weird but I do) and how much it would like to eat.  Just because it is on your plate doesn't mean you have to force it down your throat.  So talk to your body, ask it what it would like to eat today and how much it would like to eat.  You may be surprised at what it chooses and how little food it actually requires to keep you fit and healthy.

There could be some truth in the old wives tale "if you don't waste it, you will waist it!"

What else could your body tell you about weight loss and food if you were willing to ask it?

Sometimes it is the thoughts, feelings and emotions we have attached to food that actually create the weight issue.  You can rid yourself of these with ease if you wish.  Click here to find out more

 Happy eating

Scott Murray

ps. try having gratitude for your body no matter what shape or size it is, see what amazing changes happen when your perception of it changes

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