How can humans show gratitude in their daily lives?
What can they contribute to
healing themselves? 

Gratitude can be shown by humans as they live their daily lives by simply ‘being’.

Being themselves, being in the moment and allowing others in their lives to just ‘be’. 

When you as humans allow yourselves to ‘be’, then you can actually feel inside yourselves just how grateful you are for your life, your choices, your family, your friends and all aspects of your living. 

As you allow yourself to ‘be’, you allow a stillness to surround you and as you allow this to happen, you then are acknowledging your spiritual being - the part of you that just ‘knows’ that all is well, that all is be-ing experienced perfectly regardless of the outside appearances of your life or other peoples lives. 

This 'be'-ing is you knowing your connection with spirit. You as humans often don’t feel connected to spirit even though you are in each moment of your day. 

So as you experience this ‘beingness’, you are actually more aware of your spiritual connection and with this awareness comes the understanding, the feeling that all is as it is meant to be

Feeling gratitude takes you to your heart centre and this is the place that you feel spirit, you feel the softness, the gentleness and the nurturing of us. 

As you allow yourself to feel this, you ‘know’ how your connection to us feels. We would suggest to you all that, for everything happening in your lives, you feel gratitude because even as you feel gratitude for the happenings in your life that you consider negative, that you consider unfortunate, that you ‘think’ that you have not chosen, there is understanding there, there is learning there and there is love for yourself there as you allow your awareness of this. 

Your contribution to healing yourselves is allowance. When you allow change, then your cells and emotions can help you - this comes with choice. 

When you choose to talk to your cells with love and ask for your head-ache [ for example ] to go, that love that you express for yourself allows your cells to make changes so that your headache can dissipate. 

If you were to feel anger, frustration or apathy because you have a headache, then your cells spontaneously give you more of what you are choosing. 

If you were to say to your cells: 
“I love you, I love myself and I feel gratitude that I can ask you to change  what is happening in my body right now. Please cells change what is required to be changed so that my head can feel clear now.
Thank you for your help.”

What if you were to speak to your cells with love and gratitude each time you have a condition in your body that you do not enjoy? 

Use this with intent next time you have a bodily condition that you do not want to continue. Take some quiet time for yourself and see how you can feel differently. 

If you are in an emotional state that you would like to change, we suggest that you STOP what you are doing, take some quiet moments and ask yourself: 
•    Why am I choosing this emotional state?
•    What else can I choose?
•    What would give me joy?

And then make that choice with gratitude for having the understanding that you can make the choice. 

This is how you are able to make changes in your life through choosing and then focusing on what you do enjoy and leaving behind all that no longer serves you. 

This is how you can contribute to healing yourself
This is how gratitude and healing play together to allow you to have a life that is your choice and therefore more enjoyable to you. 

We say thank you for asking these questions as they can help most of you often. 

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.    

This Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray through Life Whispering.    

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