Enjoy this piece about co-creation and the changing energies on the planet at this point in time.

We have an excerpt from Lee Carroll's book, Kryon - "The 12 Layers of DNA"....Enjoy.....

Here, dear Human, is the secret behind how your co-creation for yourself helps all of humanity and the vibration of the earth.  For what you do for yourself, seemingly just to move into appropriateness, drives the engine of vibrational change for the planet.

Anything you are able to spiritually co-create helps everyone.  Now you know.  It's also why co-creation is timed the way it is, not in the time you expect!

It's the biggest frustration to a Human Being to not know when these things are going to manifest.  Quite often Humans feel that their manifestations must occur on their own schedule.

They quickly learn that there is more to the puzzle, and now you know why, for the others around you are always involved in this sacred process.

Think of yourselves, therefore, as the "leader manifestor," instead of just a co-creator of your own destiny, for it also helps those around you , with permission of their pieces of their own entourage, in a place you can't even imagine.

Choose consciously

Scott Murray

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