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Body Bliss Massage Health and Wellness is were I like to share with you healthy tips and products that will make a difference to improving the quality of your life. The Kahuna Massage and Energy Healing works on assisting you to add more ease, joy and freedom into your body and life. I only recommend products that are natural or homeopathic or can assist your body by being readily absorbed on a cellular level. To Your Blissful Body!

Product Review: Zorbmax 360 Mist

Is Zorbmax all it is cracked up to be?  Or is this just another health product that will be ineffective in our bodies and pass as expensive urine?

I must say I was not the only one who was surprised by the effectiveness and efficiency of the 360 Mist.  I recently had a live blood analysis by leading naturopath, Joel Coughlan.  When I first had my live blood examined under the microscope my blood looked like risotto, thick, gluggy, with the cells sticking together and moving slowly. 

I had the recommended four sprays under my tongue and waited two minutes.  The results were amazing.  My blood cells were moving around like a school of fish, apart from each other and moving very fast.  This is meant to have the effect of assisting cells to absorb three times the amount of nutrients and eliminating unwanted toxins from the body.

In the next 24hrs I took three doses of the spray.  I felt more energetic than I had in a long time.  Within 48hrs half of the pain in my muscles and joints had subsided and I no longer had the two o'clock lag in the afternoon.  You no when you just want to sleep but need to drive, work or whatever you do at that time of the day.

Then I introduced "Joints & Muscles - Inflammation Support".  Within the next 24hrs, 90% of the pain in my muscles and joints had subsided and stayed away until this day.  Two weeks on I only take three capsules a day and my body is feeling the best it has for years!

The same night I introduced "Probiotics" to my regime to help assist with digestion.  I had been taking another so called leading brand of probiotics and muscle and joint support  for a number of weeks prior to this and nothing was changing within my body.  After 24hrs, the cramps started to ease, my elimination systems started to function how they are designed too and the tiredness subsided.  I also noticed my eyes started to become clearer.

With so much more ease in my body I have a better outlook on life, feel better about myself and look forward to being able to help others assist this with their bodies - If they choose!

Scott Murray
What else is possible?

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Adaptogens - Used by Russian Astonauts and Elite Athletes. Are they for You?

Adaptogens are natural substances found in a few rare plants and herbs that shield the body against the impact of stress - by balancing and harmonizing the body systems.  Adaptogens are not in the food we normally eat, and must be added to the diet through supplementation.  They are be definition natural, safe and have no side effects. (Try to find that in over the counter so called medicines!)

How Can Adaptogens Make A Difference?

A layman's explanation comes from Dr. Stephen Fulder, best-selling author and authority on herbs: "Health is dependent on the healthy functioning of the cells.  Stress has an impact on the cellular level - depriving cells of the energy supply.  When a cell cannot function properly, it becomes weak and damaged.  The body gradually breaks down as disease and the aging processes begins.  This is where adaptogens enter the picture in a remarkable way.

Adaptogens work at the cellular level, on every cell in the body at the same time.  The body is allowed full access to its energy potential and the cells remain healthy.  The cells return to healthier functioning as the various body organs and systems begin to normalize.  Ultimately the entire body will normalize itself and achieve the balance that nature intended.  Adaptogens provide benefits which are impossible to get in any other way.  They are completely unique in nature."

Scientific Research - Adaptogens

I recent years, scientists have analyzed the components of nature and learned that it provides the elements people need to remain healthy.  It is universally accepted today, that certain foods are needed because of the proteins, vitamins and minerals they contain.  Protein - the only substance that can build and replace cells.  Vitamins and minerals - important substances that allow body systems to function properly.

According to Swedish Scientist and author, Mikael Wahlstrom, in his book "Adaptogens - Nature's Key To Well-Being"- adaptogens are unique among nutrients.  They correct disorders by instructing the body to do so.  Adaptogens are the greatest weapon against the modern outspeak of stress.

Wahlstrom continues: "Our bodies are subject 24 hours a day to attacks from stress, viruses, bacteria, poisons, chemicals etc. Yet the body manages to fight off most of these attacks, by a complex and efficient system designed by nature to fight off disease.  However, weakened by the stress of modern life, exhausted by the pace at which we live, and poisoned by both our diet and the environment - our bodies need help to carry out the job of self-generation.  Adaptogens correct disorders by instructing the body on what to do - working indirectly through the basic regulatory processes and organs.

What Adaptogens Can Do:

Numerous studies have shown the unique benefits of diets supplemented with adaptogens, as scientists around the world have begun to study and confirm the valuable properties of these plants.  That research is ongoing today in the world scientific community. 

Among the ways adaptogens help the body:
  • helps body to "adapt" to stress
  • deeper more restful sleep
  • helps balance body systems
  • helps improve immune resistance
  • helps focus and concentration
  • helps improve recovery time
  • helps improve (athletic) performance
  • helps decrease anxiety
  • helps improve muscle tone
  • helps increase strength
  • helps increase energy and stamina
  • improves feeling of overall well-being
Sorry about the long post, but by now I hope you can see why I love adaptogens and how they fit in with my massage/energy healing practice.  You can't always get a massage, but if you have on hand a product full of adaptogens - you have the next best thing.  For more information about products with adaptogens in Click Here.
For some this would be a boring article and others want more information so I have included the full pdf report for you to download for free here.

How would it feel to have a body full of blissfully happy cells performing at their optimum level?

To Your Cellular Health!

Scott Murray

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