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Six Pack of Abs

Scott Murray - Monday, April 16, 2012

Abdominal crunches are not everybody's dream of exercise/movement or fun.  Today on Muscle Monday, I have collected a few videos for you to show you some variations that you may find easier or more challenging if that is what you wish.

As with all exercise, your abs will require rest after these exercise routines so I suggest you only do them every other day.

From Colin:

Try this at home core workout to not only work your "6pack abs" but your internal/external obliques, transverse abdominus and spinal support muscles. Crunches are out! They're done. They cause more spinal pressure and danger then they are worth. Avoiding spinal flexion exercises are crucially important to create an effective core routine. None of these exercises do that.

From Andy: (he's a little more hard core!)

 Collection of basic Abdominal/Core movements without equipment, except for something to hang from! Just a resource for choosing several exercises to use in training session. Remember- training will make your core strong, but if you want to SEE it- you need to be burning calories and have a clean intake! :)



Enjoy Muscle Monday - work your muscles for your enjoyment.  If you make it work or a workout it takes all the fun and joy out of movement/exercise.  Your six pack of abs awaits you.  You may need to cut out the six pack of beer first!



Scott Murray

ps. One of the easiest ways to clear lactic acid after a work out is to have a Kahuna massage

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