Weight Loss Wednesday 

Weight loss has been a challenge for many people for a long time.  What if it didn't have to be?


What if weight loss could happen with ease?  No matter where you start or your body shape or size.

There are many simple things you can do for your body to kick start the process.  Imagine for a moment a dishwasher going through its cleaning cycle and it's about to dump the dirty water out the waste chute BUT the waste chute is clogged.  Where do you think the dirty water is going to go?  That's right, it will stay in the dishwasher or have a really hard time getting pumped out the clogged drain.

So what could you do about it?  Clean out the drain.

This one of the simple tools you could use to assist your body to eliminate unwanted waste from its cells.  Go and have yourself a colonic and get your waste tubes shiny clean.  This will greatly assist your body in eliminating toxic waste and make it easier for it to continue to do so.

A slow flow colonic is gentler on your bowels, so do your research before you book your bowels in for a service!

(I am not a medical professional nor is this professional advice, you may wish to consult a medical professional about this procedure before you take any action - don't try this at home!)

What would it take for your body to have more ease than you thought possible with weight loss?

Choice Joy

Scott Murray

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