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What if you could access your bodies wisdom?

Body’s talk to us. Subtle signs that gift you a wealth of information… If you’re willing to listen! One of the gifts of working hands on with hundreds of beautiful bodies in the last 15 years, is my ability to identify what these signs mean for you. More importantly though, being able to reframe what is creating the intensity, pain or dis-ease in the first place, so you can move forward and create a life of ease.

We all have the ability to self heal, from any dis-ease, condition or situation. Often times though, receiving a guiding hand with gentle encouragement is required to kick-start us on the path. I know from my own experience, our blinkers are often our biggest hinderance.

Are you ready for change? Please don’t read any further if you’re not! If you’re not ready for honesty and prepared to make changes, wellness insights are not for you!

Living what I facilitate is how I roll. I’m not going to be preaching from the latest ‘Wowzers Seminar’ or book I read last weekend! Nor will you see me boosting about how amazing my life is on social media, because I just change these 3 little things….(insert BS detector!) Choosing differently and being the weird one all my life has enabled me to help many others move through that icky situation ‘when life no longer works for you’. I’ve been there myself many times and traversed the deep forests & valleys to wind up enjoying the mountain views.

I invite you to join me there!

Sessions are $95 and go for 30-60 mins depending on what you need to process on the day.

Looking for a deeper change? 3 Sessions @$85 each will have you humming like a new born baby.

These sessions will be done via phone/skpe/zoom or could be combined with an energy healing session if you’re in Noosa (or wish to fly me to your exotic holiday destination!)

What will you choose for yourself today?

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Once your payment has been accepted, the easiest way to find a suitable time for both you and I is to go through the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen and book a session!