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Fruit Cake Fridays

Scott Murray - Friday, April 06, 2012



Funny name for a blog post I hear you say.

What's even funnier is the history of Fruit Cake Friday.  In the not too distant past, I used to manage a team of women who drove me a little insane and who I thought were just a little like fruit cakes - just my interesting point of view.

However, they did an amazing job and I felt compelled to reward them.  So I did, with a fruit cake each Friday.  They loved it and I had a giggle to my self about me thinking they were fruit cakes and them thinking I was rewarding them.

So fruit cake fridays is going to be about the funny, weird, strange or blissful things about life.  Possible even about how to have a different perspective on things to change the reality of them for you.

 You may just be able to have a giggle about something that could normally create great stress for you.


Until we chat again

Choose ease

Scott Murray

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