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Cellular Memory Healing

Scott Murray - Monday, August 30, 2010
All of your cells in your body are formed perfectly when they are created.  Poor nutrition, stress, environmental factors to name a few can damage these cells any where in our bodies.  This can create pain, sickness or even disease.

We have been brainwashed to believe we need to take a pill, see a therapist or worse, have an operation to remedy the situation.  Did you know the human body has the ability to revert cells to their point of creation (perfection) and very quickly remove these states of pain, sickness and disease?

I have been working with a number of clients recently who have had all kinds of things not in balance in their bodies ranging from chest infections, to arthritis in the back, to stressed muscles/joints from a car accident to aching back/hips from child birth.  Many of these clients had spent lots of time and money trying other therapies/doctors/drugs to help combat the symptoms, all to no avail.  If you don't stop the cause of the pain, you may only be putting a band aid on the issue.

Cellular memory healing involves me putting my hands on your spine (predominately), channeling energy through my hands and commanding your cells to return to their point of creation.  This is obviously a point of perfection, so all sources of mental, physical and emotional attachment to pain are removed in the process.  Clients are amazed that previous conditions requiring very strong pain killers have been dissolved in a 30-60 minute session with no relapse.  How much better than that does it get? 

Sometimes it helps if you expect a miracle.  Be careful though you might just get what you ask for.  Do you really want a pain free body and life?  For some people the thought is too much, after all, what would they talk about then?

Expect a Miracle, the Universe is full of them

Scott Murray
Healing Beyond Your Imagination!

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