body bliss kahuna massage noosa with scott murray

Scott adore's what he does...

Scott Murray is a Kahuna Massage Therapist and Energy Healer focusing on bringing more wellness, ease of movement and improved relaxation to people's bodies to help improve their quality of life.


His deeply relaxing style using long flowing strokes helps tired, stressed and burnt out clients bring some ease and flexibility into their body in a very short space of time.

There is no logic in his massage sessions.  Each session comes from his heart and is tailored to your body's requirements at the time. Scott asks your body what it requires to heal and follows the energy. 

Scott started his training in 2004 with Mette's Institute @ Kin Kin - the premier place to receive Kahuna Massage training in Australia. Along his journey since then he has completed further Hawaiian massage courses and energy healing courses which allows him to bring greater calm, joy and wellness to people's bodies and lives with ease.

His love of massaging and having a positive effect on all those he meets is one of the reasons he does what he does so well.  In fact, Scott receives such joy from being in a position to help others have more ease, mobility and freedom in their bodies and lives, he offers a Bliss Guarantee.

Unheard of in the massage/healing industry, Scott guarantees you will have the deepest relaxing massage or you don't have to pay.   Simple!

What are you waiting for?

What health benefits are possible for your body when each of its cells are filled with bliss, love and joy?

The best way to find out is to call Scott on 0434 245 706 to find a time when your body can experience a Body Bliss Kahuna Massage or Access Bars session.

Life is an adventure...
What's not to love about exploring the outdoors, experiencing weird and wonderful things and testing the edge of your comfort zone.
Hope to see you out there!


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